Friday, 2 July 2021

All Set For Summer

LOOK out for our August update from Sunday, with news of the latest Sam Stone book and more!


I CAN feel a heady freedom just round the corner. With summer, life is at last coming into full blossom. Here in our North-West corner of England we've been enjoying sunshine and all the attendant pleasures of livng on a holiday coast.

Britain, too, seems to be flourishing with an impressive show in the Olympics, after Euro soccer and then also at Wimbledon, though the infamous rain associated with that very English tournament has also been heading our way too. At least gardeners and summer-sports groundsmen welcome its temperate relief.

To refresh you, here on this non-profit, light-literary website, there's a range of free reading and also books new and recent. These latter are available to purchase at prices set at the publishers' lowest recommendation to keep our venture-in-retirement going.  Copies are available on Kindle but also in highly collectable paperbacks, sponsored by the British Arts Council through

Our aim here is to lift your sights and spirits. Have a look through our Pages For You - near the top of right-hand column - and take your mind off rain or other dampening intrusions upon your good mood.

It's a small but wonderful and diverse world. Through reading, while sharing others' experiences, thoughts and feelings, we can make it bigger and richer for all.

Happy reading!

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