Friday, 4 June 2021

Flaming June Will Fizz!


SUNNY June brings fresh hopes to the world and each of us - while we have a fizzing new book to entertain readers with, The Bubbly Of Life!

Just published this month on Kindle and in author-designed paperbacks, sponsored by the British Arts Council, this light-hearted lifestyle guide is just 138 pages long.

However, it fizzes with the wisdom and entertaining asides of the famous, or infamous, as well as its worldly author's own experiences, latest newspaper titbits and selected cartoons.  

You can get a free sample of its flavour on our Chapter/Story or Books pages. This week's newspaper Column is also available and our latest selected or contributed poetry.

This non-profit, light-literary website might help change your life for the better, as the world looks forward to better times. We hope so and, wherever you are, wish you well . . .

Happy reading!


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