Saturday, 1 May 2021

Time To Cheer!

HELLO to a fresh breeze of lifestyle, in Great Britain at least, as we're encouraged to cautiously emerge from under our Covid blankets into spring sunshine.

On this non-profit-making, light-literary website started by journalists tired of all the bad news, we aim to lift the gloom, too, for readers worldwide.

After lockdown our next publication is a short, entertaining guide to a long and happy life. The Bubbly of Life will be pubished in coming weeks, but its first chapters will appear in the next few days on our Chapter/Story page.

Our other Pages For You are updated regularly.

There are some who have called retired reporter Roy Edmonds a curmudgeon. But, at heart, the veteran columnist is bubbling over with positive thoughts, collective wisdom and uplifting observations or fun anecdotes. He's just kept them corked, to mature . . . but is now ready to share all that sparkles!

The author of more than 30 novels and books of humorous memoir has written a light-hearted lifestyle guide which fizzes with fun. Roy shares experiences, thoughts and sentiments which have lifted him effortlessly through a diverse life into happy older age.

It might just change your life for the better too. We hope so!



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