Thursday, 1 April 2021

The Million Seller!

 HELLO readers, I've always wondered at and envied the authors of those books with a front cover boasting - The Million Worldwide Bestseller!

As old-salt Jack used to ask, at my corner 'local', when shelling out a few quid for my latest paperback novel, "How come your books don't say that on the front?"

Well, soon I'll be able to boast it - though not for any of my many books to date. Instead, we'll soon have passed the six-figure mark for readers of this website. That's hardly a million, I hear you say. True, also the number reflects those who've simply looked at our light-literary website. They may not remain regular readers but we hope they do. But this is being posted on April Fool's Day, so I made the claim anyway! What's truly rewarding is the diversity of our readers around the world, as well as our hope to open their eyes to different views of life - and to lift their spirits through these difficult times.

We now have a new novel out, both on Kindle and in paperback by FeedAread, sponsored by the Arts Council. Beside The Still Waters is the ninth Sam-Stone-investigates thriller/romance, but also a stand-alone novel. It is set in the beautiful Lake District of northern England. We hope it will transport you there and also share some deeper perceptions of what lies beneath the changing surface of everyday events.

There is a 10th book also well advanced in the series, as well as a couple of uplifting books of humorous memoir in the pipeline. We will be updating our Pages For You soon, with details of the latest publication and those coming soon, as well as our other extracts of free reading. As usual, any books purchased (at rates we keep as low as possible) will support this non-profit site, started a decade ago by retired journalists tired of all the bad news.

Happy reading, wherever your are!

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