Monday, 1 March 2021

Let's Spring Forward!

 HELLO readers and welcome to better news and times.

With spring in the air, here in the UK, and pleasant sunshine on our Lancashire coast, there's a feeling of emerging into some light at last from the long tunnel of lockdown. Not that it's all been bad . . .

Staying at home more and living quietly has led to a deeper appreciation of our blessings and some healthier changes in lifestyle, along with a better bank balance - thanks to cutting out most outside entertainment. Of course, that's not been the case for everyone and our thoughts and concerns go to those who have suffered or lost loved ones.

 Here in Great Marton by the Irish Sea and resort town of Blackpool, we've walked round our neighbourhood much more than usual. In doing so and leaving the car at home, we've noticed more and felt more akin with others we meet, even strangers, for sharing the same problems and experiences.

We've also read a great deal more, as well as watching more dvds - often of classic stories - since much TV has been repeats.

On this light-literary website we will also be offering you more fresh reading. A ninth Sam Stone book is close to publishing and we'll be putting first chapters on to the Chapter/Story page soon. Our local hero is in the beautiful Lake District at a time just after emergence from pandemic. He's found a peaceful place to write or contemplate, though new challenges, trouble - and romance - aren't far away. It's entitled Beside The Still Waters and will be available by summer.

In addition, we'll be updating other Pages For You on this non-profit-making website started by retired journalists tired of all the bad news. We hope to lift your spirits, just as the lockdown begins to lift as well. Our readership is nearing the 100,000 mark and it's thrilling to reach people from around the globe. We're not so different after all - whatever race, religion or creed. Literature and life bring us together, with thoughts and feelings shared.

So, happy reading and good luck - wherever you are in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Roy when not posting very positive and enlightening comments about the Lancashire coast and the Saddle Inn often refers to his expansive time Hong Kong. Why not.

Only today I had my second AstraZeneca vaccination. I was keen to get a stamp on my appointment card. However the local NHS staff way down south fobbed me off when I asked for a stamp on my jab appointment card. I only wanted it in case of any subsequent overseas travel to underscore my authorised right to do so. Anyway get lost was the reaction.

The only person giving me a positive response as to why such a course of action would be useful was a friendly intelligent NHS pharmacist from Hong Kong. He had been in UK for 12 years. I congratulated him on his affable approach to the scenario and said I wished his colleagues were equally to disposed to such a positive approach. They were not -- and it revealed why Roy remembers Hong Kong so warmly. And so do I.