Saturday, 5 December 2020

A Golden Gift


JUST right for Christmas after a disastrous year, our latest publication is set on a Greek island in early summer - during the pandemic. It's the perfect novel gift, a thriller/romance with deeper undertones

, to lift your spirits.

The Golden Door opens our world view into more than Covid and the New Year promise of a better future. Its story has a timeless sentiment and truth, as well as a popular figure to regular readers.

The book is now available in paperback or on Kindle. It is a stand-alone novel and already said to be one of our finest. But it is also the latest in our eight-book series, Sam  Stone investigates. Yes, our previously Fylde-based hero, the good-looking but troubled freelance, is back - though profoundly changed.

Stone is seeking refuge from past tragedies but finds he is not alone. The mysterious magic of the island brings him peace, but also what he did not seek - a new love with a shared and deadly danger. You can find out more on our Books and Chapter/Story pages or order copies there.

Other pages offer more free reading, with humorous memoir, travel, poetry and newspaper columns. See the regularly updated Pages For You - near top of right-hand column.

Any publications purchased, either on Kindle or our specially crafted paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council, will help support this non-profit-making venture by retired journalists tired of all the bad news.

Enjoy your holidays safely and let's look forward to better times in 2021 . . . Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Hi dear friend Roy,

Anything to say about the opportunist Manchester Labour Mayor Andy Burnham and his useless police force. All talk and no action. Like most Labour activists. Hong Kong in the Eighties seems like paradise now. Wish I had known that. Best wishes chum