Sunday, 1 November 2020

A Psalm Of Hope

SO, with blustery November at our doors, we find ourselves sheltering in a fresh month of Lockdown

restrictions. It's the same across the British Isles, much of Europe and many other countries worldwide. It can't be helped, if we're to overcome this pandemic and survive, even prosper once more . . .

As the poet said, let's savour what life we can, while helping to lift the spirits of those suffering, despairing or alone.

This non-profit-making, light-literary website aims to engage and encourage a spirit of shared hope and good faith, through reading and with humour, romance and adventure! We can muffle up and relish the autumnal scene outdoors, then eat, drink and settle by the fireside and, while still in contact with those closest to us, escape to different worlds.

Our Pages For You (see near top of right-hand column) have details of novels of entertaining fiction set around the world and including the popular eight-book series of Sam Stone Investigates. There are free excerpts to read, also much humorous memoir; travel tales and social history; up-to-date newspapaper columns and, last but not least, varied poetry.

It was a poem from the mid-19th Century which inspired this post's title, written by Longfellow and guiding us to 'footpints on the sands of time'. This young American author of  'A Psalm For Life' urged us to 'act so that each to-morrow find us farther than to-day'.

In a month's time we shall be facing Christmas and, hopefully, more sociable and pleasanter prospects, with New Year and spring just over our horizons.

Enjoy your reading!

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