Monday, 31 August 2020

'Last Stone' At 'Stones'


THE latest Sam-Stone-investigates thriller and romance is now available

in Waterstones, but also from this, our own 10-year-old website, with editions published on Kindle by Amazon and in paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council.

It's the seventh in our popular novel series featuring the troubled but attractive freelancer and based on the Fylde coast of Lancashire, as well as still more exotic locations! Will this be Stone's final adventure? (See our Books and Chapter/Story pages for more information and to order).

The pages offer much free reading but any books you do choose to purchase, at publishers' lowest recommended prices, support this non-profit-making, light-literary website. We aim to bring you uplifting literature, memoir and entertaining company! Like Sam, our endeavours here were inspired by aversion to all that bad news daily surrounding us and the high-pressure, politically correct style now prevalent in world media. Although contributors, like Roy, are mostly semi-retired, they're delighted to still attract readers from every part of the world, from all creeds and races.

Roy's weekly column appears in our Irish Sea coast's daily newspaper The Gazette every Thursday, but is republished here on Fridays (see Column/Memoir page). It's often locally focussed but with a wider appeal which, like our Poem page, can touch and interest readers worldwide.

We may be socially distancing but books still bring us together in a shared humanity. We are happy to hear or receive your views, comments and contributions.

Happy reading!

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