Monday, 1 June 2020

Looking For A Hero?

HERE is an introduction to our latest novel, an exciting mystery entitled The Lost Hero.
This, as well as our other mainly free or low-priced reading on this popular, non-profit website, will lift your spirits through these difficult times we're now slowly overcoming. It is available on Kindle and in paperback sponsored by the British Arts Council, as with other forthcoming books, fiction and non-fiction, expected to be published in coming months. 

'Bookseller Patrick Fermour is as brave and good as any of the heroes in his quaint shop's novels, or even from his illustrious family. At least, he is quietly heroic to his young daughter Amy, who idolises her gentle father above all the famous thriller writers who visit their store.
However, when a true drama suddenly threatens to engulf Patrick, their cosy home in sedate St. Annes On Sea no longer seems so secure. A bargain consignment of books from the other side of the globe could save the Fermours' failing business, but also brings that dangerous world of distant disasters to their door.'
This light thriller/romance is set mainly in a Hong Kong struggling to keep its freedom and democracy (see back cover, below); but also about one man's struggle to meet stunning personal challenges as he travels across the world. It also captures our current shared sense of world crisis and need for those long-standing trusted values of faith, family and fairness to all.

Whatever our race, religion or creed, reading brings us together and gives us a view into others' worlds, over time as well as distance. Like this devastating pandemic we're now thankfully emerging from, sharing our experiences, aims and passions brings the world together and aids our mutual understanding of shared fears, hopes and joy.
You'll find plenty of free reading on the regularly updated Pages For You of this light literary website with readers across the globe. It was started a decade ago by retired journalists tired of all the bad news. Publications are usually available from Waterstones but also from this website (see Books page), at the lowest prices advised by publishers to help maintain this popular, non-profit-making venture. In coming weeks we will also profile books to be published later this summer and in autumn, Borrowed Times, a humorous memoir, and Cast The Last Stone, a seventh Sam Stone investigates novel. (Keep checking for extracts on our Chapter/Story page.)
The Column/Memoir page is updated weekly and we welcome contributions and suggestions for our Poem page.
We hope you read and enjoy The Lost Hero and it helps you to find your own hero - within yourself.
Happy reading to all and, whoever you are and wherever you are in the world,
Our best wishes to you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Roy,

For someone who not long ago was enthusiastically advocating a 'home is best' philosophy you seem a little confused at times. Judging by the amount of moments you keep harking back to Hong Kong in memory or books you seemed rather obsessed still by it.

For me the nostalgia passed 30 years ago. I have to tell you when I passed through the former crown colony quite recently it was polluted, foggy and a somewhat sad. Move on and write about the disaster about to engulf UK and US with BLM and other irrelevancies. Or interview Tyson Fury in Morecambe. Now he is global figure with something to say about the world. He seems a good man and one wishing to enter politics as an MP. Adieu old sport.

Roy Edmonds said...

Hello, Anonymous, and thank you for your comment. At least the worldwide lockdown has greatly helped reduce pollution - although leaving many restless for change and, probably, rightly so. As said by our PM recently, there is more that unites us than divides us. I like to think so even, if at times 'confused'myself. Hopefully, our next published book, an uplifting memoir through the pandemic entitled 'Borrowed Times', will be more to your tastes. Regards, Roy