Friday, 10 April 2020

Easter Tidings

HELLO from our Great Marton bunker as, like most of the world it seems, we hunker down at home and await better news and deliverance. At least we're united at last, let's not forget that when we emerge to what for most will remain trying times.

It's early on Good Friday as I write this and eerily silent but all the more poignant for that. From this light literary website, started a decade ago by retired jounralists tired of all the bad news, we wish you well wherever you are in the world.
Whatever your religion, race or creed, that world might seem diverse and distant, confusing or cruel but is suddenly small when such a universal disaster strikes. Even from our 'stay-at-home' confinement, perhaps in isolation or some small garden, balcony or simple domestic setting, we can reach out and share our and other people's feelings, thoughts and lives - through reading.
On this non-profit-making website, with readers from South America to South Korea, we share views of the world which, whether fiction, poetry or memoir, come from our deepest experiences. Books not only span distances and people but also time, we can travel through that, too, and feel at one with another soul.
You'll find excerpts from our latest books and previous ones plus much more free reading on our regularly updated Pages For You (top of right-hand column). You can also buy copies on Kindle or in paperbacks sponsored by the Arts Council on our Books page, helping to support this venture. Our next novel, a mystery and romance set mainly in Hong Kong and on the Fylde coast of Lancashire (see front cover above), is trailed on the Chapter/Story page, and will soon be followed by excerpts from our seventh Sam Stone Investigates thriller, also to be published this year. The Column/Memoir page is updated weekly, there are also uplifting sentiments on our Poem page, where contributions are welcome.
We hope you enjoy it all and find new friends here while remaining in your full or partial isolation, for we soon discover that life and a common thread unites us.
Good tidings to all.

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