Sunday, 1 March 2020

Marching On . . .

GALES buffet us and fields flood but spring is now also in the air and daffodils and crocuses emerging.

 It's March and, after what seems the shortest winter in memory, still brighter days are on the horizon.
As always, hope springs eternal here on the holiday coast at Edmonds Towers in Great Marton.
It's in the same spirit of optimism that the publication approaches of Roy's next novel, The Lost Hero, set here but also in the Middle and Far East. The unassuming central character is also a lover of books and might, at a stretch, be seen as the unlikely, perhaps even first hero of our Brexit age!
The proposed front and back covers are displayed here, for your delectation as they used to say. First chapters will be posted on this site soon.

There's lots to look forward to for you, too, with free reading to enjoy on this non-profit-making but inspiring and uplifting, light literary website started by retired journalists fed up with all that bad news we're bombarded by.
Keep marching on, soon it'll be spring again!

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