Sunday, 1 December 2019

Goodwill To All

A DECEMBER chill has settled over our Fylde coast off the Irish Sea.

But in friendly Lancashire our hearts and homes are warm in welcoming others, while enjoying the pleasures of this seasonal time of goodwill.
Crisp sunshine soon lifts the cold from the air, if you cover up well; while a cheering drink in good company, or cosy meal at home, also lift the spirit. It's also a great time to snuggle up and read, for a look into others' worlds.
We're greatly heartened that this almost 10-year-old website, started by retired journalists tired of all that bad news, is still so widely enjoyed. Our audience is as distant as Peru and South Korea; with almost as many followers in Russia as in the USA. For we are all the same, beneath religion, language and creed.
Here we aim to offer you free, uplifting reading on our different, regularly updated Pages For You (top of right-hand column).

There is a new novel well under way, entitled The Lost Hero, which aims to catch the unsettled mood, fears and hopes of our times, along with our usual spiritual undercurrent to inspire. But this will not be seen until the spring of 2020, nor the seventh in our series of Sam Stone investigates, Cast The Last Stone, expected by late summer. A light-hearted memoir of recent times, entitled Borrowed Times, including an illustrated compendium of contemporary newspaper columns is also planned.
There are also some touching additions to our Poem page.
On our Books page, there are free extracts available from most of our publications, but any purchases readers might make do help maintain this non-profit making venture. Kindle prices are kept to the minimum, while our uniquely, self-designed paperbacks, sponsored by the British Arts Council, are at recommended retail rates with post and packaging - a great gift, or something to enjoy yourself again and again . . .
So, wherever you may be, we truly wish you all well.
Merry Christmas!

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