Sunday, 1 September 2019

Time To Fall Back

SUMMER is slipping away, hopefully with a final flourish of sunshine this month. However, don't be down-hearted.
Autumn is the season to relish well-wrapped-up strolls through the colourfully changing woods - then return to a warm drink in cosy surroundings with, of course, a book to transport us elsewhere into others' worlds.
On this light literary website we aim to sustain your spirits with uplifting fiction and humorous memoir. We have added the opening of the latest Sam Stone investigates series, Written In Stone, to our Chapter/Story page. This is a prequel, or stand-alone story set in an earlier period than the rest of the popular six-book series of light thriller/romances.
Written In Stone is now available on Kindle and in paperback. See our Books page, which includes all our publications to date. Extracts of these are also freely available by clicking on the link below each title and its blurb. Any purchases of full books on Kindle or in paperback, sponsored by the British Arts Council, help pay for this non-profit-making website started by retired journalists tired of all that bad news.
Our Column/Memoir page is updated weekly, while contributions are encouraged on our Poem page.
In this time of social upheaval and restless divisions in the world, reading helps bring all of us together and realise that, wherever we may live, we are not so different after all.
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