Thursday, 1 August 2019

Damping High Spirits?

THE school summer holidays are here and, typically, our weather has taken a turn for the worse
- from record sunshine to thundery showers then damper, duller days. But are we downhearted, no!
Children can enjoy holidays in any weather and, personally, I appreciate changing weather patterns.
Endless sunshine in hot climes means going everywhere with sun cream, bottles of water and then hunting for shade. How refreshing to occasionally lounge inside and read a book, feeling cosy hearing the rain outside!
As I tell a sun-loving She Who Knows during these duller days here in Great Marton, Lancashire, the sun will be back with us soon enough.
Of course, you can also enjoy reading on a beach or garden lounger in sunshine - especially in shade with cooling zephyrs full of summer scents and a chilled drink to the side. Ah, but there I'm waxing lyrical again . . .

On this light-literary website, started by retired journalists fed up of all the bad news, we like to remind you of the blessings and wonders to savour in life. Our books aim to be entertaining, hopefully at times thrilling  and also sometimes romantic, but always with a positive spiritual undertone.
There will soon be a new novel, 'Written In Stone', available in the Sam Stone Investigates series of thriller/romances. This one is what is currently known as a 'prequel' and set in 2012 amid the London Olympics. However, its action, while opening in North Wales, takes place on our Fylde coast of the Irish Sea then in and around Manchester, particularly its Chinatown. There is romance aplenty but also much mystery and many thrills as a supper club, called the Pals and including Stone in its members, becomes the prey of killers.
Our editorial consultant's view was that, 'This sixth Sam Stone was a testament to keeping the reader absorbed - in another intricate blend of characters and events with a strong sense of time and place.' It sounds like he enjoyed it! We hope you will too.

An extract of the book should be available on our Chapter/Story page soon. There are also details on our Books page, with more to read on our Poem and weekly Column/Memoir pages. This is free reading but any books eventually purchased help maintain our non-profit-making website.

Enjoy your reading and summer, wherever you may be in the world. Remember, too, as Stone and his fellow Pals learnt through hard experience, life is best enjoyed as it comes, rather than as you would wish it to be. The brilliant thinker - and endearing human being - Albert Einstein famously left a tip-for-life in a Japanese hotel, when not having cash for a monetary one. He advised, 'A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.' That wisdom, on a scrawled note, eventually auctioned for more that a million . . .

See how golden uplifting words can be!

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