Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Birthday Boy!

IT'S only a matter of life and death . . . this merry month of May
prompts fresh but profound thought as it brings my 70th birthday, writes Roy.
There was a time I'd be planning a big party but those days and inclinations have gone. Nowadays I enjoy a smaller crowd of close friends, perhaps the occasional meeting with an older pal or, of course, an intimate meal, day-out or evening with my beloved She Who Knows.
What I am also doing, besides starting a sixth Sam Stone Investigates novel (this one actually a 'prequel'), is opening a thought-provoking and hopefully uplifting, humorous memoir of current days entitled Borrowed Times! (with sub-title, Beyond Three Score Years And Ten).
I've made a start with some chapters on how deceptive age can be, while sneaking up upon you, and also tried to be candid about personal adjustments necessary to endure, nay, enjoy it! There are also some more profound observations from Moses and Charles Dickens which, though not strictly poetry, I'm going to add to our Poem page this month.
Just to give you a taste of both books, I'll also put first chapters on our Chapter/Story page as soon as I can get around to it, along with the proposed front and back covers - to whet your appetite for their release in coming months.

In the meantime, there are lots of publications, both fiction and memoir, on our Books page, where extracts and samples can be freely read. Should you wish to purchase any full copies on Kindle or in paperback then you will be helping support this non-profit-making website run by retired journalists tired of all the bad news. Books are priced as minimally as possible but paperbacks, sponsored by the Arts Council, are necessarily dearer as they are printed on demand and require post and packaging from publisher FeedARead. They can also be ordered from Waterstones.

One of my greatest pleasures in retirement has been running this light literary venture offering uplifting reading and knowing it is followed by such diverse people around the world. Readers this month, from west to east, came from the Canada, USA, Brazil, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, China and Japan.On a more parochial front, I'll also update the Column/Memoir page with my weekly contribution to our local newspaper here on the Fylde coast of Lancashire.

Wherever you are in the world, our experiences, hopes and natures are not so different as they may first appear. Our beginnings and our ends are ultimately the same, with the time in between at its best when shared - through words and deeds.

Happy reading!

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