Saturday, 30 March 2019

Welcome, Mister Blues!

DEAR readers, we were warned earlier this month by Google administrators of this website that it  might be affected by the closure of Google+.

So, changes may occur next month over which we have no control.
We're hopeful this will only affect marginal details of this site.

Hopefully, too, the latest excerpt on our Poem page will not attract presidential disapproval and any more fallout. (See book cover illustration - right - with extracts such as, 'They attack my hair, I think it's unfair!')

Our equally fun website, also a labour of love, is dedicated to popular, uplifting fiction and humorous memoir. It is run by retired journalists tired of all the bad news we daily consume. We're delighted by our diverse readership from around the world.
For the most part the reading on these pages (see right column) is free. However, purchases from our Books page help maintain this non-profit-making venture. Our Kindle books are only £2.99 usually, while the paperbacks - sponsored by the British Arts Council - are necessarily dearer, as they contain artwork with specially designed covers, and are printed on demand. There is also, necessarily, the cost of postage and packaging.

Bearing in mind the approaching significance of April, we suggest you Follow By Email (see bottom of right-hand column). You can also use our email for contact. We enjoy hearing from readers so don't hesitate!

In the meantime, a new Sam Stone book is now available, entitled The Mystery of Mister Blues, on Kindle and in paperback - see our Books and Chapter/Story pages for more. The Column/Memoir page is updated each week and you are welcome to send contributions and suggestions for our Poem page. (Sadly, in this latest case, the President of the United States didn't).

Happy reading, wherever you are!

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Anonymous said...

Roy, you turn out books on an industrial scale with flair and real talent. Much to be commended and admired. However, Charles Keighley tried to do it once and gave up defeated and demoralised.

I see the UK government's Living Wage Commission says Blackpool is the poorest area to live in UK. Nonsense. The patrons of the Saddle pub live like Kings! And cosmopolitan Blackpool Cricket Club is but a stones throw away from East Marton or whatever. Keep up the good work. If you are looking for a hardback publisher maybe Graham Earnshaw in Hong Kong can help. Check out his interesting website.