Friday, 1 February 2019

Chilling Out!

HELLO and best wishes to readers, wherever you are. Interest in this non-profit-making website has grown
in places as diverse as the United States and the Middle East, while we welcome regular visitors from still further east.

Wherever your home, whatever its climate and lifestyle, we offer free and varied reading with humorous memoir and light - but uplifting - literature from retired, well-travelled journalists tired of all that bad news.

There are also books at low prices on Kindle and in paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council (these are dearer to produce and for post and packaging but beautiful items to keep, with our own front and back-cover designs, text layout and occasional illustrations). Any such purchases, along with your continued interest, help maintain this genuine venture to share experience and wonder at our wide, changing world.
Poetry is also included and contributions welcome. The classic musings of poets from centuries ago still put life today into sharper perspective, helping inspire closer understanding between us all.

Here on the Fylde, Lancashire's holiday coast beside the Irish Sea, snow is falling. For some it means disruption but to others - specially children unable to reach schools - it offers delight. When not able to walk in the crisp sunlight, these winter days also offer the opportunity to relax in comfort at home and read. By enjoying others' stories and sharing their thoughts and emotions, we're transported to another world and time.

Our Books page shows the latest and all past publications, while providing links allowing you to read excerpts or obtain copies for yourself. The Story/Chapter page also has extracts from our latest and past publications, as well as some stand-alone short stories.
Our Column/Memoir page has copies of Roy's latest weekly newspaper column, along with previous humorous memoir and travel tales from around the world. It is updated weekly and other pages as often as necessary. Finally, there are varied contributions and abridged verses on the Poem page.

Let us know what particularly interests you and tell us about yourself and your reading for, as literature so profoundly teaches us . . .
We are each, at heart, like one another.

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