Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year!

THE portents are good for 2019, especially after many had expected a catastrophic past year. So, let's be optimistic!
We are here at Edmonds Towers.

I'm always cheered by the appearance of our bright, brave robin as a good sign at this bleak time of year.
We like them on our seasonal greetings cards too. At the last count we had almost 30 such cards around our fireplace. But there are now also the real ones outside, which appear busy nesting in what has been unseasonably mild weather.

There are also pleasant surprises promised on this website, dedicated to uplifting literature. As you'll see from our Books page, a fifth thriller/romance in the popular Sam Stone Investigates series is soon to be published. It will shortly feature on our Chapter/Story page. This novel is set both here on the Fylde and in Paris, as the freelance reporter tackles new challenges to both his working and romantic lives.
You can sample or order books, published on Kindle or in paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council. Any purchases help pay for this non-profit-making website by retired journalists tired of all the bad news. Other pages also include light reading and are updated regularly.Take a look at our Poem page for some classic New-Year inspiration, also borne upon us from the skies.

It's wonderful to have so much interest and encouragement from around the world, from so many diverse continents and countries. This only goes to prove our common humanity and mutual interest.
So, let's have faith in the goodness out there and keep our hopes of peace, love and joy alive in 2019.
Happy New Year!

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