Saturday, 13 October 2018

Wish You Were Here!

GREETINGS from Blackpool on the blustery Irish Sea coast of Lancashire.
Here in the old district of Great Marton, closer to Stanley Park than to the famous Promenade Tower, gale-driven rain is blowing away the autumn leaves around Edmonds Towers. It's time to settle down with a book.
One of life's ironies is that we enjoy ourselves most when forgetting ourselves; that is, losing ourselves in, for example, a romance, some sporting glory for our team or, most relaxing of all, a good novel.
That's why recent research has found reading greatly aids mental and physical health, leading us to get comfortable and be quietly content in a different world from our day-to-day one. It's a great de-stresser but also, often, an inspiration. In a pleasant setting, where all we want is to hand, a book can offer some of the most enjoyable moments in our busy lives.


On this light-literary website, started by retired journalists tired of all that bad news, we offer uplifting reading including fiction, memoir, anecdote and poetry. Most of it's entirely free but our Books page also allows readers to buy, as well as sample, publications on Kindle and in paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council. Any money so raised helps maintain this non-profit-making venture.

Thoughtful Gift

As Christmas approaches you may also find our latest book, Wish You Were Here, a thoughtful gift - even for yourself! It's a compilation of newspaper columns set mainly on this coast, illustrated with cartoons and with up-to-date notes and additions. See our Books page for more details.
So, don't be dismayed by the seasonal weather, darker nights and more house-bound time, just put up your feet by the fire, glass to hand, and take a wander into other worlds . . .
Happy reading everyone!

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