Friday, 3 August 2018

A Taste of Summer

WELL, August and the school holidays are here with us - bringing those predictable but odd twins to this Lancashire coast: a hose-pipe ban because of draught, along with more showers and thunder storms.

Here in Great Marton, at Edmonds Towers, we've still got a couple of blackbird chicks bumbling about the quiet, tree-lined back garden and even a little robin still with us for summer. Perhaps it's the grown-up fledgling  we earlier saw as a chick on our garden patio's table, looking like a tiny bundle of fur with a big, gaping beak.
How wonderful nature is - and life, if you stick at it! She Who Knows and I have both come through minor medical setbacks and are gamely still appearing at tennis and cricket clubs on sunnier afternoons and early evenings. The beer there has been enjoyable, too, as you'll see from the attached picture of me (looking decidedly older) taken by Terry Batty, steward of Lytham Cricket & Sports Club.

Terry is also chairman of a quirky band of men (and two women) whom I joined almost three decades ago, the Honourable Order of Bass Drinkers. They were a forerunner of the Campaign for Real Ale, which has had such success in safeguarding our traditions, and have their own Wikipedia page.
I'll be attending a local meeting of the HOBD this coming Monday (my appearance rate is an impressive once-every-five-years) at Marton Institute, to hear their new plans to attract members and move with the times (never!).

Meanwhile, we retired journalists who started this light-literary website, for those tired of all the bad news, are still scribbling away for your (largely) free reading pleasure, wherever you may live in the world. It's our greatest satisfaction to have regular followers bringing together readers from places as diverse as the USA and Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel, let alone Thailand, Germany, France and Brazil. Welcome all!

On other pages here, there are our latest publications on Kindle and in paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council (see Books and Chapter/Story pages, near top of right column). Any book purchases help maintain this non-profit-making venture. There is also an update on my meeting with best-selling author Peter Robinson - see the Column/Memoir page - and even a line from his latest, the 25th DCI Banks novel Careless Love, which delighted me (see Poem page).
So, wherever you are - on holiday or at home, we hope you are well, joyful and will join us in some shared moments to celebrate life, through reading.
We also welcome your comments and contributions.

Best wishes from us to you all!

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