Friday, 1 June 2018

The Ferryman Is Here

MAY was a wonderful month here 'up north', as the southerners are wont to say. We got the best of the weather on Lancashire's Irish Sea coast of the Fylde, including breezy, brazen Blackpool.

Now, however, summer's on the way and we're pleased to announce some fresh holiday reading on this light-literary website started by retired journalists tired of all that bad news.
The fourth Sam Stone mystery, entitled Waiting For The Ferryman, is now available on Kindle and should be published in paperback this month. Check for updates, or to sample an extract or buy a copy, on our Books page.
Any royalties received from the books, published on Amazon or sponsored by the British Arts Council, help support this non-profit-making website.
The novel, like its troubled but handsome hero, is again based on the Lancashire coast but the main action this time is in picturesque Conway (pictured above and below), the medieval town near Snowdonia, North Wales. There are also scenes on the dramatic Sheep's Head Peninsula of County Cork. It's a light thriller and romance which has received glowing praise from publishing editors and, as with most of our fiction on this site, employs an uplifting, spiritual undertone.
You can find out more on our Books page and the first chapters appear on our Chapter/Story page. The folk song which helped inspire the novel, as well as other influences, are included in abridged form on our Poem page.
Meanwhile, there is more free reading on our Column/Memoir page and the prospect, later this year, of a new compendium of seaside ramblings entitled Wish You Were Here (see bottom of Books page). All pages are regularly updated and these 'home' posts sent out at least monthly.
So, there we are! Here's hoping you have a great summer, wherever you are in the world, and take with you our very best wishes.
Happy reading!

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