Thursday, 3 May 2018

May-Day Calling!

SUMMER is edging on to our Irish Sea coast. However, stubborn Lancashire still huffs and puffs with wind and showers.
For me this is more the start of the year than January or financial April, since my birthday falls this month. (I appreciate any gifts but avoid thoughts of ageing!) What's made the beginning of this May different was the absence of She Who Knows.
No, she hasn't left me - but simply enjoyed a week in the Cyprus sun with her sister, when the latter was given the chance of a bargain time-share stay. It's odd to be at Edmonds Towers alone and, rather than talking to inanimate objects like the cuckoo clock from her dear mother Wynne, or the French-maid cover over our vacuum cleaner, I went out rather more often than wise to my neighbourhood pub.
Regular readers will know this to be the oldest in Blackpool, the Saddle Inn, situated close to me in Great Marton. My change of visiting hours there was remarked upon by friendly regulars. Also, my longer stays and less tennis (partner away, also winds etc.) was apparent from increased weight and tighter clothes. I also had two funerals to attend, with much time to ponder and drown sorrows with friends.

Still I learnt my lesson. The spring air lifted my spirits, along with a couple of good books to divert me. Instead of the chippy round the corner or cricket club restaurant, I've been getting by on healthy salads and also walking miles - mainly to my mother-in-law, who wanted the company since my also-absent sister-in-law lives with her. So here we are again! I'm back to fighting weight and, with She Who returned, getting set for tennis outings and some decent English weather. (It's far too hot now in Cyprus and, with delayed flights home the holidaymakers' verdict was, "Never again!").
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Happy reading - and holidays!

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