Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Springing Forward!

EVERYTHING in the garden here at Edmonds Towers isn't lovely.
The trouble is, our ecumenical betters keep moving it about and this year Easter has come early. There's still no sign of my cheering daffodils, let alone the bluebells and other early spring flowers. However, the traditional April showers are right on time, for once, on our Irish Sea coast.
Still, we're not downhearted, She Who Knows or myself. Easter always leaves a sense of hope and the new life of spring. The buds are on our still skeletal wintry trees and cricket, tennis and warmer days all lie ahead.
Here on this light literary website a couple of new publications are well under way and will soon be appearing on our Books page. Other free reading on our Memoir, Chapter and Poem pages is updated regularly - so keep dropping in on us!
You can also purchase books, published both on Kindle and in paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council. It all helps maintain this non-profit-making but, hopefully, uplifting venture started by retired journalists tired of all that bad news and, thankfully, followed by readers from around the world.
Best wishes to you all!

P.S. Pictured above is the front illustration for 'Wish You Were Here', an illustrated book of columns about seaside life to be published in summer.

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