Wednesday, 3 January 2018

New Year Reading

FOR 2018 we have two new publications. Firstly, On The Dark Side is the third light-thriller and romance with handsome but troubled hero Sam Stone. It's now available on Kindle and in paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council. Also, for those who enjoyed our local hero's earlier exploits and style, a fourth book is well under way and should be published in the summer.

On The Dark Side (see back cover, left) is set mostly on our Fylde coast in Lancashire, along with scenes in Manchester and Cheshire; while the subsequent novel will be mainly in North Wales and Ireland. They both aim to entertain but also have an uplifting spiritual theme; gritty stories with pace and a real-life edge, while also having a feelgood flavour.
The second book soon to be available on Kindle and in paperback (check our Books page), is partly humorous memoir but also mainly mild muse. It's entitled The Growing Older Book (see back cover, below, right) and takes a light but, we hope, penetrating and uplifting look at ageing. As the promotional blurb might well say, from the foibles of youth to the final meaning of life - it's all there.
For most of us, growing older brings a mellower outlook and more sympathetic approach to our fellow men and women. Of course, that isn't true of all. However, it's with such accumulated wisdom, as well as accrued humility, that we approach our New Year. If we can't profoundly change ourselves then, perhaps, we should accept our natures and try to make others' lives happier too.
We hope you enjoy your reading. Our different Pages for You (see near top of right column) offer many free extracts and stand-alone stories or poems. However, if any publications are ordered, purchases help support this non-profit-making, light literary website run by retired journalists tired of all that bad news.
Happy New Year!

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