Thursday, 7 December 2017

Snow and Gales - of Laughter

THERE are gales outside our doors on Lancashire's Irish Sea coast. Snow storms are gathering, too, but that doesn't dampen our spirits.
Christmas goodwill takes the edge off such weather and gladdens the heart. When better than this to wrap up, tramp along tree-lined trails in brittle winter sunshine - and look forward to gathering about a cosy fire, at home or while feasting with friends?
It's one of my favourite times, writes Roy Edmonds. The other being spring and quite different, but also heralding fresh beginnings and change.
Of course, expectations are high and put much pressure on many. However, the secret is not to be too distracted by those cheerful calls to socialise and entertain, by the need to spend up and give more to others . . . for this should also be a deeply spiritual, personal time.
Whatever your religion, or lack of it, here is a chance to contemplate the passing year - perhaps, also, the passing of a friend or dear one we'd have spent this season with. We now have more time indoors, with room for considered thought, even gratitude and wonder. There's a feast of satisfaction to be found within, as well as those festive banquets to enjoy and share.
Let us hope, during this lull, to know and extend ourselves; to understand others better, and feel closer to them. Such efforts help us all towards a better New year.

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Merry Christmas to you all!

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