Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Freshening Spirits

A HEAVY shower or two won't dampen our spirits as August begins, at least I won't have to water the gardens at Edmonds Towers.

Also a new book is well on its way for autumn from this light literary website which aims to lift your spirits. Former journalists, tired of all that bad news, started this non-profit-making venture which offers a mixture of light thriller and romantic fiction along with humorous memoir and some new or nostalgic poetry. There are free excerpts and occasional stand-alone stories to read on many of our Pages for You (see near top of right column).
My occasional collaborator, Ed Black, is still labouring busily under the intense sun at his Aegean island, looking forward to a leisurely time in more wintry months to post to you.
Here on the Fylde coast, She Who Knows and myself have both overcome some arthritis problems to continue enjoying our tennis, despite the rapidly passing years. She has now taught herself to play left-handed while I, a natural 'leftie', have been partly playing right-handed to ease the strain.
It's amazing how the human spirit can overcome obstacles when rightly encouraged. We hope the uplifting fiction on these pages will inspire and bring you new interest, hope and pleasure.
Every few months I make a point of using ear drops to clear away wax. Most men, along with many women, past their 40s seem to only hear fully when paying close attention and so miss a great deal. It's a condition that can also be generally true of our over-focused lives. We should be open to new ideas yet, as with cleared ears, when we do receive loud and clear it can seem a clamorous world.
So, whatever the weather where you are on this diverse globe, settle down and enjoy some peace and gentler diversion with us . . .
Happy reading!

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