Friday, 2 June 2017

Well Seasoned for Summer

AH, it's June already and, on the 21st, will come the longest day of the year.
The seasons pass so rapidly now, compared to when young. But in semi-retirement we have time to enjoy them just as much as a child - yet with more experience to savour their distinct pleasures.
Here in Great Marton, on the Fylde coast of Lancashire by the Irish Sea, it is raining gently as I write this in early morning before breakfast. However, the forecast is for more sunshine and, outside my study window, sycamore, poplar and laburnum trees soak up the wet and blossom in our English-summer mix of sunshine and showers .
She Who Knows had planned to visit Austria this month for another holiday, we so enjoyed horse riding and tennis on fine clay courts in its lush valleys a few years ago. But, then, there is the aggravation of early travel times and airport security. How much better to be at home relaxing, reading perhaps, then sampling more energetic pursuits on our own holiday coast!
Closer now to 70 than 60 years of age, I'm aching from the rigours of mixed-doubles tennis yesterday on a grass court at leafy Lytham; but will be swimming leisurely after lunch at a nearby hotel's outdoor pool, then relaxing with a cask ale at Blackpool Cricket Club by Stanley Park, followed by a  meal on the terrace.
Meanwhile, She Who Knows will be out with her sister this evening, enjoying the world ballroom championships at the dazzling Empress Ballroom in our Winter Gardens. Not a bad prospect altogether!
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