Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year Resolved

HAPPY New Year to our readers throughout the world from the Ukraine to the USA, China to UK. We appreciate your interest.

I long ago ceased trying to improve character and lifestyle by resolving changes in behaviour or routine.

However, experience has taught me that it is better to enjoy life now rather than to plan, or even anticipate. So, my advice is to simply live in the present, for that's where satisfaction lies. In fact, if you listen attentively to body and mind while focused on what you're doing, you'll do whatever it is better and enjoy life more. Other people will appreciate you, too, for paying attention! It's our aim on this light literary website to lift your spirits as well as our own.
Hopefully, in our bleak midwinter, you'll find some of the Books (see Pages for You, near top of right column) entertaining and fulfilling. There's humour, romance, mystery and adventure, as well as some spiritual depth; all of life in fact. There are also new publications in the pipeline for coming months (see front covers above and right). More reading is freely available on our Chapter/Story, Memoir and Poetry pages. Our books are available on Kindle and in paperback with purchases supporting this non-profit venture, run by former journalists tired of all that bad news.
Best wishes to you!

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