Thursday, 1 December 2016

Goodwill to All

IN the bleak midwinter there's still much warmth to be kindled. Here at Great Marton on the Fylde, Lancashire's Irish Sea coast, we're snug by the fireplace and, come early evening, curtains are drawn against the dark with a fire flickering in the hearth.

We love a cosy-cottage atmosphere in winter and have festive leftovers at hand to wine and dine us.
At my corner 'local', coal fires crackle in the sociable rooms which are full, too, of what the Irish call craic.
This is a great time to meet with old friends and discuss the year; to relax and give thanks, perhaps in the neighbouring church.
Yes there is stress, from family commitments, too much spending; then coldness and  loneliness for many to endure. However, this remains a time for showing our generous side and thinking of others.
This gathering and giving brings warmth into our lives over the chilliest months of our changing seasons and years. Let's embrace it all, be thankful - and enjoy ourselves!

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Finally, we have sentiments from two different verses that, although from separate ages, both capture this season's magic - on our Poetry page.
Wherever you are in the world, whatever your beliefs and circumstances, we wish you peace and joy in the weeks ahead.
Happy reading!

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