Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Winter Warmer

FIREWORKS are promised this month - in Bright Lights & Pig Rustling, an illustrated memoir mainly set here on Lancashire's Irish Sea coast.

Firework Frank is one of a wide cast of colourful characters in this humorous but heartfelt tribute to the Fylde, once Europe's premier resort destination attracting millions of holidaymakers, along with the feted, famous and infamous.
There are side trips to Ireland, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Hong Kong, as well as into the Victorian and more recent past. However, much of the warmth is kindled beside the coal fires of Blackpool's oldest inn, The Saddle, Roy's 'local' in Great Marton.
 "It is more like a club than a pub," says the early retired reporter and author, "or so a visiting friend from Tunbridge Wells commented."
Roy adds in the opening chapters, beginning with his replacement at work by a piece of software, that he will introduce readers to that 'club' and other attractions that made his last 25 years the happiest of his worldly life so far.
The rule of the Saddle locals' room, called the Commons, is never to discuss religion or politics. Fortunately, everything else goes.

Bright Lights & Pig Rustling, A Seasoned Life Beside the Seaside, is available both on Kindle, through Amazon, and in paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council - from stores or online from FeedARead.com or our Books page. There are excerpts from this and other publications, along with stand-alone stories, on our Memoir and Story/Chapter pages (see near top of right column). These, like our varied Poetry selection, are freely available. Any book sales help pay for this non-profit-making but uplifting, light-literary website - started by former journalists tired of all that bad news.
We hope you enjoy it and welcome comments, emails and contributions from readers around the world.
Perhaps it might light you up too!

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