Friday, 21 October 2016

Under the Stars

HALF awake in the middle of night, a storm clamoured outside and I had a dreamlike vision of stars stretched overhead, a wild landscape about me.
It was an odd sensation, as though observing my reclining and vulnerable body from a distance. This instilled a deep humility.
Perhaps it was something I'd eaten or drank or, more probably, the residue of a haunting dream. Also, to my regret, there had been unsettling arguments earlier with others, over matters now seeming unimportant.
But, of course, I wasn't alone. She Who Knows was breathing steadily, inches away and we were warm and safe beneath our shared duvet - at home.

There would be many who wouldn't be so at peace. Still, if you have faith in goodness then, I have found, you are never alone. There is always hope nearby, help to hand.
Our day-to-day problems inspire an anxiety that first separates but later unites us. Others are touched by the same fear and need that had unsettled me, waking during the storm. I was fortunate. Thankfully, after a few disturbed moments, I could turn over and sleep comfortably again - at ease once more.

On the Lancashire coast, as we approach British Winter Time, the nights are drawing in. Our garden here in Great Marton has been pruned back; summer's furniture removed to shelter from the elements. Our curtains are drawn tightly before early evening while, inside, the fireside glitters warmly as we relax in dimmed lights.
It's a time to restore our energies and let minds, rather than bodies, wander to fresh adventures. New dramas and stories await us, on screen or in books.

This uplifting, light-literary website hopes to entertain and inspire you, with new fiction, old memories and timeless sentiments. There is diverse but popular poetry; amusing travel stories and memoir, along with extracts from novels. These are published and available on Kindle, or paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council. Any purchases help maintain our non-profit-making venture, started by former journalists tired of  all that bad news.

Before Christmas we shall publish Bright Lights & Pig Rustling, a humorous memoir set mostly here on the Fylde holiday coast but also in Ireland, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.
We are delighted to serve readers throughout the world, from the Americas and Europe, to the Middle and Far East, then Australasia. Please explore our Pages for You - near top of right column. Also, we appreciate receiving your comments, emails and any contributions.

For some it will be summer now; just as, for many, hopes of peace, love and festive joy are like a distant light in a harsh darkness. It's a changing world that we share and here celebrate, but there is always a fresh dawn to meet.
We only hope what we do brings us closer and makes others happier too.
We wish you well.

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