Saturday, 1 October 2016

Tanked Up

HELLO from breezy Blackpool, where autumn has swept in on an Irish Sea gale.
She Who Knows and myself are now in hibernation, at home in Great Marton. However, I've been warmed up by the telly, watching myself on an American reality show from sunny Las Vegas. Well, it's not actually me but I shall explain.
It all began as I crossed the forecourt of our local petrol station, heading for its mini supermarket to shop for She Who's lunch. A big fellow filling up his giant 4x4 watched my progress with interest, then stood close by at the checkout, still studying me.
"'Have you ever watched Tanked?" he asked, then added, "It's a TV show, on Animal House. You're a dead ringer for one of its top characters - the General (pictured stood on the right). You even walk like him!" He asked me to check the show then ring - to say if I agreed with his assessment. (I'm definitely trimmer in profile.)

Now, Tanked turns out to be the channel's top show and, as its blurb says,  "dunks viewers into the high-decibel, family-owned business" of acrylic aquarium and viewing panels - with no job too big to handle. The tanks are massive and often commissioned by stars and casinos in glittering Las Vegas. They also supply the contents, from goldfish to sharks. You can check it out through the internet and YouTube.
Their lifestyle might seem a world away to most of us but, really, it's just a matter of scale - they're not so different after all.

All things aquatic appear popular in the Nevada desert, as their venture's a huge success - and father-in-law Irwin Raymer is 'General' manager.
Irwin's also known as 'the fixer' and praised for "knowledge and wisdom that's irreplaceable" - which is good to hear these days, for us 'senior' folk. 
"He's older than you!" declared She Who Knows upon watching the programme. "You've got more hair, too," she added, supportively.
The General, like the rest of the team, was also more raucous but that's America for you - upfront.

There were definitely similarities: a long, clean-shaved face; biggish nose and brown hair and eyes; thickish neck and care-worn facial bagging, when caught in a bad light.
We also both like to wear sports clothes, while tending to stroll lazily and also have a droll delivery of speech.
In short, from what I saw, I liked the General. He seemed, as these tank yanks might say, an OK kind of guy.
There are other similarities in our situations. We were both retired and taking it easy in holiday locations, when tempted back into working again - on our own terms, of course.
What's more,  Blackpool also has a few popular casinos, many hotels and, like Vegas, is a show town where people like to party.

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