Saturday, 10 September 2016

Time to Relax

I LOVE this time of year best of all, writes Ed Black. The holiday season on our Greek island is at last, like that searing sun, starting to wane.
Poseidon reclaims his seas from tourist intruders.
We close our Black Velvet cocktail bar/grille a little earlier and open later too. Our site on the Old Harbour is quieter, with many of the yachters gone.
My wife Diane can now ferry across more often to her native Athens, then shop while meeting up with her many relatives.
Meanwhile, as Roy's occasional collaborator on this light literary website, I get time to send you readers a post.
Rather like Britain's turnaround after Brexit, I can report that the Greek tourist industry is mustering and in hearty shape for coming challenges.

Personally, as a long-term expatriate here on the island I like to call Paradiseo, it's sufficient to just do what motivated me in the first place - and escape the pace of modern life.
At this time of year I can enjoy more fishing, then join hunters up in our hills for the autumn season. Bacchus, our Bullmastiff, accompanies me but, like myself, wouldn't hurt a fly.
It's just wonderful to be in the clear, cool air and admire those Aegean views at our feet - like a landscape stretching into the ancient past.
Afterwards, I enjoy reading - often books from this uplifting website - then sipping aperitifs with Diane upon her return from the mainland, as the light fades into a calm, darkening sea in our musky air.

We live above 'the shop' here, taking our meals on the terrace and exchanging greetings with neighbours.
Soon many will close for the winter, when bars and restaurants take it in turns to offer open-house hospitality to friends, while a barter system of exchange emerges - such as wine for firewood, or cocktails for farm produce.
I hope you enjoy this change of season too.

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We hope you enjoy it - and the rest of your year.
Yassas, my friends!

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