Thursday, 1 September 2016

About to Expire

THIS month's post was looking likely to be the last on this website. We received an alert that a subscription must be renewed, but couldn't recall the necessary passwords. We were 'due to expire'.

This non-profit-making site had aimed, through its upbeat blog and light literary pages, to restore spirits and good faith; bring a smile to diverse faces and lighten the heart; to draw together, but also help when apart.

Updating its pages - particularly through wintry months - rekindled some warmth from a world of readers, many from parts of the globe never visited. Perhaps, suddenly, it had run its course and would shortly expire into the electronic ether.

In real life such a warning of our demise would concentrate the mind upon what was most important to us. Life's passing pleasures would be more appreciated, but only satisfy so far. Too often, they leave regret in their wake. Family and friends might bring support and consolation, but there would still be a more insistent spiritual need to fulfil.
When younger it often seemed in life that, if only we could find the right passwords, there was so much more to enjoy. When older, we're best accepting the present with thanks; making our peace.

Fortunately, we're still drawing breath and, with summer, have enjoyed getting outdoors.
She Who Knows led me down canal-side tow paths in our rural Fylde, away from traffic and nuisance, to admire nature amid green pastures and still waters. Our walks were watched only by curious cows and wary horses, with bees buzzing and swallows playing; then on to a hearty meal in a rustic inn - just grand!

Sadly of late, She Who Knows had been thwarted in her main summer pleasure of tennis, through arthritis in her right arm. She missed it more than she could say, which pained me too.
So, as often in adversity, I said a silent prayer. Her arm didn't heal. We have to accept such setbacks in life. However, she did find fresh determination and has been learning to play again - left handed. Now, with regular practise, her enjoyment has been renewed.

Towards the date of this site 'expiring' I also muttered a prayer - for some enlightenment or help. Technical advice had only confused. Did we even want to carry on? Aren't all our words and designs ultimately mere conceit? Yet we strive on, if only out of goodwill . . .
Next day, prompted by a sudden recollection rather like a vision in the dead of night, a search through the muddle of my desk drawers uncovered  those scrawled passwords. All that was needed to avoid expiring was miraculously at my fingertips. So now we, too, are renewed.
Of course, there was an annual fee to pay too, for our place on the 'infinite' internet. Any Kindle sales of our e-books, or print-on-demand paperbacks sponsored by the Arts Council, help meet such costs.
By contrast my prayers, along with our pleasures from the countryside, cost nothing . . . yet are of far greater value.
We hope you're pleased too - we're still with you.

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