Thursday, 23 June 2016

Poll Bell Tolls

HELLO to you from the Aegean! This is Ed Black, Roy's close collaborator on this uplifting literary website, posting to you from the Greek island I like to call Paradiseo.

As the heat and humidity rise, so also does our work here - even at my fairly laid-back cocktail bar and grille called Black Velvet in the Old Harbour. There are many more tourists and yachters taking advantage of comparatively cheap holidays in struggling Greece, especially with the British vote on exit from Europe - which leaves the future uncertain.
Resigned to my long term and happy expatriation here, I have no views on the issue, nor on America's coming presidential elections. It's a long time since I lived in either country.
Others' welfare does concern me and, like many islanders here, my wife Diane and I helped distressed refugees landing on our shores a few months ago. Now most have gone to seek better futures; we wish them well.
On our Poem page, the words of fellow Englishman John Donne, though written almost four hundred years ago, are curiously relevant and still ring with profound truth. No man is an island.
Whatever those election outcomes lead to, there will be changes and difficulties but also opportunities ahead. We human beings can only seek to improve and do our best, then rest and be grateful for what we have. However, concern for others lifts the spirit of both those who give, as well as those who receive.
Dear Diane has even got me to the nearby Greek church on occasions but God is not only there. I view the changing sea and skies here with awe and humility, as do all who sail; while our harsher winters bind us islanders together. Each man's death diminishes us.
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May your choices prove right for you . . .

Yassas my friends!

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