Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Summer Saunter

HELLO from Great Marton, my neighbourhood on the Fylde coast of Lancashire beside the Irish Sea, writes Roy Edmonds.

At last it feels like summer which, for me, hopefully brings pleasant afternoons and evenings playing or watching tennis and cricket in picturesque locations.
There is also the garden at home to relax in, now finally alive with flowers and the 'mirth' of songbirds, as the poem goes.
Where better to let your spirit travel further and higher, with glimpses into other lives and worlds that reading can bring? It also helps us understand our own lives better and those of people about us, sharing fears and dangers, joys and pleasures.
Ed Black, my close collaborator on this uplifting literary website, is now in the full swing of their tourist season on the Aegean - at his Black Velvet grille and cocktail bar, in the Old Harbour at Paradiseo, as he calls his island. He, too, sends his regards and hopes to post to you soon.
Whether you're away on holiday or at home relaxing, we have pages of entertainment - see right column - that will transport you elsewhere and lighten your spirit.
Publications on our Books page offer extracts and can be ordered either on Kindle with Amazon, or paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council. Orders support this non-profit-making website which has a worldwide following beyond the United Kingdom, with regular readers in the USA and western Europe, notably also Ukraine and other parts of the east, extending through Asia to the Antipodes. Your interest is what keeps us going!
There are also extracts of books and stand-alone stories on our Story/Chapter page.
Most books are novels but there is also humorous memoir from around the world with more travel experiences on the Memoir page.
Last, but not least, the heart can take further flight on our Poem page, to which contributions are welcome.
So, happy reading!

Enjoy your summer, wherever you may be.

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