Thursday, 7 April 2016

Full of Faith

I'M writing this as gales once more threaten our lovely Fylde coast of the Irish Sea here in Lancashire
, North-West England, writes Roy Edmonds.
But we're still full of the joys of spring and confident of sunnier days soon; afternoons and evenings of tennis, or weekends watching cricket.
At home in Great Marton, the oldest district of Europe's premier resort Blackpool, I am working on a humorous memoir of many entertaining years here on the Fylde, with its colourful characters and diverse towns and attractions.
It's entitled Bright Lights & Pig Rustling (see bottom of Books page) and includes a look back to some travels a few years ago into Hong Kong and Vietnam. Both places underwent historic changes in our lifetime and have survived with great spirit, one after a terrible war which must have been hell on earth to live through. They inspire faith in human nature and the spirit's resilience, just as history does. How encouraging in a world presently facing profound changes and nightmarish threats.
Another project is a sequel to my latest light thriller and romance A Cut Above (Books and Chapter/Story pages). The follow-up novel, entitled A Stone's Throw, involves some of the same characters. It is based in Blackpool (particularly round Stanley Park) and rural Fylde, then in the beautiful and exciting Philippines. As well as a dose of adventure, it again has gentle humour at human weakness but also an inspiring spirtual undertone.
There is a lot of reading I hope you will enjoy in the above mentioned sections (see Pages for You near top of right column). We will also be adding some thought provoking items to our Poetry page, which is open to contributions; along with more touching or humorous travel anecdotes on our Memoir page.
As well as excerpts for reading, our Books page allows you to order copies on Kindle or in paperback sponsored by the British Arts Council. Orders support our non-profit-making website of uplifting literature with its regular visitors from around the world.
We have had readers recently from Venezuela and Brazil, Romania and Russia, as well as Indonesia; with other regulars in Ukraine, across Europe including France, Germany and more recently Austria, then followers in the Far East, as well as many in the United States and here in the UK.
Your occasional comments and emails of support (see below and also right column) are very encouraging.
It's an increasingly small but wonderful world. Let's learn from the past and not fear the future - but have faith in the present.
I hope your summer will be a happy one - with enjoyable holiday reading!

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