Saturday, 27 February 2016

Spring is Sprung

HERE on the Fylde, Lancashire's Irish Sea coast, spring is in the air after a wet and windy but warm winter.

There's a seasonal chill, too, in our ozone-laden air, but the sunshine is bright and spring flowers lift the spirit.
Change is also in the air nationally, as our re-emerging economy contemplates leaving an ever growing but increasingly dysfunctional Europe. The world seems to be facing a drastic shake-up and we must look to China and America, each facing new challenges, to steady and steer events. Hopefully they will be guided through their mutual interest of peaceful trade, if not a meeting of higher principles.
Time, as ever, will tell but I remain optimistic for, if you have no faith in goodness, for what else is there to hope?
This non-profit-making but uplifting literary website also takes a positive view, gratefully savouring life's free treasures while sharing our ups and downs with humour and sympathy.
On our Books page the latest novel is now available on Kindle and in paperback sponsored by the British Arts Council. A Cut Above is set here on the Fylde and introduces a new fictional figure, along with many real local characters and places. It is a light thriller with a spiritual undertone, romance and much humour - inspired by its plot, the suspicious death of a famous comedian. First chapters can be sampled on our Story/Chapter page.
Some personal travel memories of America and the neighbouring Bahamas are shared on our Memoir page.
Finally, at home here in Edmonds Towers, at Great Marton, we like to keep the spirit of romance bright. She Who Knows was particularly moved by a little known ode from playwright Harold Pinter, which we accordingly feature on our Poem page.
As we turn the pages into this fresh, exciting world of 2016 we hope you, too, follow and relish its many stories to  their moving conclusions.
Happy reading for summer. 

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