Saturday, 12 December 2015

Festive Greetings

OUR Christmas post is to wish all readers a happy holiday over the seasonal celebrations, as well as looking forward to 2016.

Last month a personal milestone was past, with the publication of my own story, Only The Good News - 'The humorous memoir of a worldly local reporter'. There are excerpts from it on our Chapter/Story page (see pages in right column).
Like most of you, I am now looking forward to festive gatherings with family and friends. Mine will now be here in Great Marton by the Irish Sea, on the Fylde coast of Lancashire, North-West England.
Although once travelling widely, this area has become an inspiration for my writing. New books for the coming year include a locally set detective story about a famous comedian's death, entitled A Cut Above, as well as a humorous look at quirkier aspects of life on the coast, entitled Bright Lights & Pig Rustling, which may come out later in the year.

My collaborator on this non-profit-making website, Ed Black, is battened down enjoying his home and cocktail bar/grille, named Black Velvet, in the Old Harbour of the Aegean island he calls Paradiseo.
In winter there after the tourists have all gone, Ed tells me they revert to a barter economy which increases their feeling of community. Here, the store tills are still ringing, though it's not all about making money. There's a warmer smile on most people's faces. Let's not forget what we are celebrating and approach life in a good spirit.
We both thank you for your interest and loyalty to this site, whether you are reading it in the Americas, Europe or Far East and Antipodes. Our paperbacks sponsored by the British Arts Council are printed to order, but the small royalties on them and those from e-books help pay for this site's expenses.
Our novels and other feel-good works are all listed, detailed and available on the Books page; while there is other uplifting reading about near and distant places, people and events on the Memoir and Poem pages. These latter two pages, in particular, share seasonal stories of wonder.
The website is fun to write and, I hope, to read. May we all continue to grow a little closer in understanding, tolerance and goodwill - as well as having a wonderful time . .

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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