Sunday, 1 November 2015

A Personal Journey

THIS month sees the publication on Kindle and in paperback sponsored by the British Arts Council of my autobiography, Only The Good News - The Humorous Memoir of a Worldly Local Reporter.

It must be presumptuous for someone generally unknown to publish their life story. However, it was more the colourful characters I have met - also generally unknown - and interesting incidents in diverse, often exotic places that inspired its writing.
Also I wanted to chronicle, at least for family and friends, the curious anecdotes and amusing tales in my head over many years - before they became irretrievably lost.
It also occurs to us, when growing older, that our past is such a different country it has become an alien place of fascination to the young.
Lastly, to be honest, the writing of it was fun. There's pleasure in recalling the distant past and dear friends; reliving the ups and downs of life, its occasionally incredible twists, and those strange turns that afflict or enhance the experience of a lone traveller - as I was.
Only The Good News spans my life to date but is mainly about travel while working on newspapers. These were most often local papers, though sometimes in far-flung places. Their content was not as sensational as bigger publications, but had an intimacy with 'ordinary' lives.
I hope you enjoy reading the book which, although at 450 pages my longest, was written to entertain.
There are extracts from it on our Story/Chapter page (see top of right column) and it is highlighted on our Books page, where orders can also be placed. These help pay for this non-profit making website.
Our Memoir page completes more recent travels with  indefatigable mother-in-law Wynne and She Who Knows (to whom Only The Good News is dedicated). These have proved popular with website readers, not least those in Ukraine and Brazil - a remarkable thought.
It seems a smaller world than when I was young and only the wealthy or desperate went abroad. However, our Poem page opens a still wider world encompassing the past and, more than any other literature, our imagination.
Finally, but most importantly, my motivation for Only The Good News was to share just that - faith in goodness and our expectations.
Best wishes to all.

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