Sunday, 30 August 2015

Soaring High

AT last, the end-of-August bank holiday has brought some sustained sunshine to a disappointing summer on Lancashire's Fylde coast.
It saw me basking on the sun terrace at Blackpool Cricket Club, dodging hard balls falling from the clear sky as club professional Christi Viljoen knocked up an impressive double century against neighbouring Preston.
As the club's annual beer and cider festival was also on over the weekend, this only added to the general air of jollity welcome at such a public holiday.
The summer hasn't been devoid of sporting success for myself, I modestly record. Playing tennis up the coast at Lytham has been a hit and miss affair this season, owing to rain and high winds. However, I did manage to resurrect my singles game, beating both a former club chairman and another regular 40 years my junior.
"I'd quit while you're winning," was the sage advice of She Who Knows, so since my last triumph it has been back to more gentle 'social' doubles on the club's grass and carpet courts.
However, the best result of all from sport is how it brings people together. Let's just remind ourselves, the shared object is fun, not victory at all costs. When playing an enjoyable game in which all perform enthusiastically, then all players and spectators benefit - and 'win'.
This website aims to bring similar wholesome pleasure and satisfaction, though in the more relaxed recreation of reading - or writing, if you wish. Happily, our boundaries are limitless - with followers from Latin America to New Zealand all welcomed.
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