Sunday, 5 July 2015

Grace and Favour

THE highs and lows of summer are being played out on our sports fields, as professionals and amateurs don whites for cricket or tennis - meeting 'triumph and disaster just the same'.

Or, perhaps, you're content to relax before television, or on a shaded terrace, just watching such seasonal dramas unfold - with light teas and refreshing drinks to hand.
The summer brings its joys into full bloom but also, for life's balance, the crash of thunderstorms and tear drops of rain.
Sport isn't only an enjoyable recreation that stretches our abilities, it teaches us to respect and work with others as a team.
As one grows older, more wily 'court craft' balances the lost strength and speed of youth. It's the taking part that brings fulfilment.
As in sport, with life - we all have our powers and weaknesses; are gifted with certain talents but lacking in others.
We should show favour to those who exceed us but, also, grace in displaying our own abilities.
In similar theme, there is an extract from our nation's favourite sentiments on our Poem page (see near top of right column).
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So, enjoy your summer!


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