Thursday, 21 May 2015

Birthday Greetings

IT'S my birthday in a few days - making me two years past The Beatles' classic 'When I'm 64'.
At least the Chinese regard this as a lucky number, being divisible by three, whereas four definitely isn't!
This picture shows me when aged around  36. How fresh-faced I look. However, I wouldn't trade my life now for then. These days I'm free from work, to do much as I please, and take pleasure in everything. Fortunately, I'm blessed with good health.
At the weekend we're having a celebratory family meal in town - at an Italian restaurant where the owner calls me 'Capitano' with much gusto, which makes me feel good.
A couple of old friends are also due in the resort and I'm looking forward to catching up with each of them.
For me, birthdays are like Christmas - a chance to relish what we have and be thankful it's not worse.
To mark this on our upbeat website, I've included an early chapter of a humorous autobiography 'Only The Good News', due out later this year. See our Story/Chapter page, where there are many different extracts to entertain. It was others who persuaded me to embark on this presumptuous memoir. I hope they won't be disappointed!
A round up of our publications can be found on the Books page, where they can be sampled and ordered on Kindle or in paperback (sponsored by the British Arts Council).
Such orders pay for this non-profit making website.
There are regularly updated pages (see top of right column) for other memoir and poetry (not, you'll be pleased to know, my own).
This website, like writing, is a continuing pleasure - particularly as it is visited by people from such diverse parts of the world.
As well as the United Kingdom and United States, there are readers in South America, across Europe - including both Ukraine and Russia - then the Far East, Australia and New Zealand. That's a source of great inspiration.
I hope Only The Good News, when published, will make them feel as good about life as I do.
My thanks, then, and . . .

Greetings to you all.

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