Monday, 13 April 2015

Over the Hills with Bacchus

IT'S glorious to be here on the island in spring, as the air is freshened with blossom and hills coloured by flowers, writes Ed Black from Paradiseo.

Roy is working on a humorous memoir, Only The Good News. So, it falls to me, his close collaborator on this feel-good website, to post to you.
On our Aegean island, which I like to call Paradiseo, we've finally finished winter refurbishment to our cocktail bar and grille, named Black Velvet.
As tourism is slow yet (but will hot up as the weather does), I'm now free to go fishing round the bay from our home in the Old Harbour.
My fiancee Diana and I are again enjoying quiet, al-fresco dinners together on our terrace.
However, one of my other simple but great joys at this time is to walk over the hills with Bacchus, my dear bull mastiff. He's a gentle soul - quite useless as a hunting dog!
I retain a sweet image of such outings, seeing his rumpled, rather ugly face curiously sniffing a small flower, delighting in its nectar in this spring air, then frolicking like a lamb or foolish foal.
As we rest at the hilltop, I look down on our fishing harbour and saphire sea beyond, stretching to the horizon of this ancient land with its history of courage and philosophy.
Much ails my adopted country and the world just now, so it is good to be at peace awhile, grateful for our blessings - Bacchus and me.
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Yassas, my friends!

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