Friday, 3 April 2015

Faith in the Future

EASTER'S message is full of faith and hope. In a world said to be getting smaller, warmer and more prosperous, let us have faith still in goodness and hope for more enlightenment.

On this worldly yet optimistic website, we offer a fresh novel entitled Coming Up Roses. It is featured on our Books page and trailed in Story/Chapter (see top of right column).
Books, through words and thoughts, aid understanding with the power of stories. We also have faith in our books' humour - and hope they are entertaining too!
At Great Marton, here on the Fylde coast of Lancashire, we celebrate Easter at St. Paul's where, ironically, local vicar the Reverend Christopher Wren presides.
Yes, the past always shadows us but can also be educational and amusing. We share our experiences on the Memoir page, at present touring Vietnam.
Verse further lifts the spirit, whether from a romantic Blackpool bricklayer; an Elizabethan carouser, or home-sick Victorian. So, why not enjoy a spring dip into our Poem page?
We have visitors from around a thankfully still diverse world. Their comments and contributions are welcome.
Our books are partly sponsored by the British Arts Council and sales support this non-profit-making website.
We put our faith in them - and hope you enjoy the result.

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