Sunday, 1 February 2015

What A Wonderful World

OUTSIDE a chill wind is whistling. But here at Edmonds Towers in Great Marton, on the Lancashire coast of the Irish Sea, I've been watching sport in the sunshine.

As Scot Andy Murray played for the Australian Open Tennis trophy at Melbourne, England's cricketers were taking on Australia in Perth.
What a wonderful world of communication we live in. At the moment I'm also working on a humorous memoir entitled 'Only The Good News', a book hopefully to be published later this year. During my youth in the 1950s, our television entertainment was black and white BBC studio dramas and grainy newsreels, interrupted by still pictures of water mills with a sign saying 'Intermission'.
The memoir, by the way, recalls amusing times and travels reporting for local newspapers around the world.
My best experience in Melbourne was the overnight train journey out of it back to Sydney, in a single sleeping and sitting compartment ably served by a steward and close to both showers and the club coach.
Only the view, like that old Intermission picture, never altered, with an endless panorama of eucalyptus trees.
When I later joined the Daily News in Perth, a veteran expat listened to my praise of the peaceful coastline city with two of the cleanest rivers in the world, then told me, "Do you know, the nearest place with any life is Singapore?"
Mind you, cobbers, that was back in the 1980s. Now the glittering high-rise city is a regular venue for the top names in music and, of course, sport.
Probably the greatest recent development for communication has been the Internet. This website now has readers from around the world but still offers them the oldest form of entertainment, storytelling.
Samples and copies of our novels and memoirs are available on its Books page (see top of right column). This will soon include our latest publication, a 'mature mystery thriller' set near here in Lytham and entitled 'Coming Up Roses'. Any Kindle or paperback books sponsored by the British Arts Council that you decide to purchase help maintain this non-profit making website.
As February is the month for Oscars at Hollywood, I shall again be posting a short story, 'The Oscars Garden', to our Story/Chapter page.
New material will also be added to our Memoir and Poem pages, to which you can also contribute.
It's a pleasure to share our view of the world with you, dear visitor, wherever you may be.
Happy reading!

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