Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year With A Ring

TWENTY-fifteen has a ring to it, don't you think? Let's hope it opens the doors to wider prosperity, health and understanding.

As She Who Knows would tell you, I don't welcome dramatic change. However, progress is our town's motto and welcome - even though occasionally painful.

Here on the Fylde coast of Lancashire it's now that a freeze sets in. When the winds ease, we're even treated to snow - with its silent serenity and glossy newness, like an overture to the new year.
For most, this is a time to be grateful for home comforts but also to read. Through books we get closer to other people and places, even those long gone.
This website's readers come from across Europe; America, Canada and South America; the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.
Their climates and lives differ greatly. However, we welcome all to this feel-good site for sharing thoughts and experience.

We hope you'll look at novels and other publications on our Books page (see top of right column). You can read samples and order copies on Kindle or in paperbacks sponsored through the British Arts Council. Payments help maintain this non-profit making site.
There is also free reading on our Story/Chapter page. This features an extract from novel A Punt Into Eden, which has an air of reflection but also new beginnings.  There are samples, too, from other books and stories.
The Poem page has verses that mirror that timeless quality of a snow-laden landscape, with other contributions from readers.
Finally,our Memoir page recalls journeys in other times and places.
All pages are regularly updated.

Wherever you are, we wish you well.
Happy New Year!

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