Saturday, 6 December 2014

Festive Tidings

GREETINGS from Great Marton. I'm wearing two track suits and a Scandinavian ski cap, while sat beside the fire in my study at Edmonds Towers.
The temperatures have dropped to near freezing; rain and strong winds are forecast, and I have a heavy cold.
But I'm not down-hearted. She Who Knows is here to cheer me with tales from her Christmas Night Out with 'the girls', at a cabaret restaurant on the Promenade. What's more, the seasonal shopping is done and cards posted. All that's left to do is enjoy ourselves.
How dismal this time of year would be in England without the festivities. They may be over commercialised, stressful and expensive, but they are also fun. People do call out greetings; think more of others, and act more generously. Most even get to church at some point. We shall be there for carols and, hopefully, much more.
Evenings we're usually at home in front of a fire and television (for recorded highlights), before bed and books. The style at Edmonds Towers remains Victorian 'cosy cottage'.
However, on those nights I do venture out, as yesterday when picking up She Who from the seafront celebrations, I thank the presently starlit heavens for our many blessings. What price those seasonal tidings of peace, love and joy - along with reasonable health to appreciate them?
But it's good to get home, after farewells to friends and neighbours, then put up your feet with a warming drink and a book to read. On Sundays that book is often the Bible, which I'm re-reading - with surprise and humility - in retirement. Wordly wisdom and the cruel foolishness of men are laid bare in incomparable style, especially in the King James Version I have on Kindle. Next I plan to read the Koran, also so relevant today.
We have many books, particularly novels, on this feel-good website for you to enjoy. They are available both on Kindle and in paperback. Just turn to our Books page (top of right column). You can read extracts from books by clicking on links, then order a copy if they interest you. Payments help maintain this non-profit making venture.
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All pages are regularly updated and will be again over coming weeks.
We hope you enjoy them, along with peace, love and joy over this festive period and New Year.
Merry Christmas!

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