Saturday, 1 November 2014

Reaching Out - In Words

NOVEMBER has breezed amongst us here on the Fylde coast, bridging a brilliant summer with the promised chill of winter.

At Edmonds Towers, in Great Marton, it's a month of celebrations with family birthdays before the coming festivities of Christmas. Let's hope the wallet bears this strain . . .
Somewhere between the frosted glitter on the surface, and barren stress beneath, lies the real spirit of this time; as we gather together in warmth to give, then accept in return.
This is a social but also homely time, when we can lift each others spirits with helpful tasks and considerations.
That theme runs though the novel I've just finished writing, entitled Coming Up Roses, which should be available early in the New Year. It's a light thriller, with humour but also a mystery death. It is set close to Blackpool at leafy Lytham, said to be one of England's most sought-after locations to live.
The book is about an old rogue whose apparently glamorous past life and indulgent retirement comes under scrutiny, following a suspicious death in his apartment block. That investigation falls to a lonely female detective and a troubled young priest.
Without revealing the plot further, we can add that the book's deeper theme is about honesty in relationships and faith in goodness. Our hero, such as he is, finds people prefer him as he is revealed to really be - rather than how he had previously wished them to see him.
How we all get on together and treat each other, along with what is valuable in life, are themes in a number of other publications on our Books page. However, there's also humour, romance and adventure too!
You can read excerpts free and order books, whether on Kindle or in paperbacks sponsored by the Arts Council. The books make good gifts, as well. Payments on this non-profit making venture help to support and maintain our feelgood website.
My latest book will, however, be the only one so far to carry a health warning and age limit - of over 60! (See back cover illustration, right.)  Mind you, we can never stop the young from wanting to learn more, before their time.
 You may also like to read samples of previous publications on our Story/Chapter page, which is regularly updated and includes some stand-alone short stories never otherwise published.
Our most recent entry on the Poem page, where contributions are welcome, is also a reminder each one of us is reaching out in our own way. Sharing such sentiments is a way of reaching back in turn.
We would also like to hear any comments you have about books or stories on the website. Simply email us (see Contact Roy, right column) or click on Comment below.
Readers of this website live throughout the world, including many Down-Under where they are now approaching summer not winter. Hotter climes are recalled on our Memoir page, where all is laid bare this month by close collaborator and fellow author Ed Black.
Ed will be posting to you from the Aegean early next month, before our joint Christmas message.
In the meantime, we both hope you have much to celebrate too. Let's enjoy sharing the treasures of life . . .
Happy reading!

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