Saturday, 18 October 2014

On a Wing and a Prayer

IT'S that time of year again when we cut back the great ivy hedge here at Edmonds Towers in Great Marton.

Local garden gurus and tree doctors from nearby Marton Moss are putting their heads together before the annual battle of the branch.
"They will make sure the birds aren't disturbed, won't they?" warns She Who Knows, who oversees such chores in the gardens.
With this past brilliant summer, pausing only for a wet August, our garden birds have holidayed long in the neighbouring woodlands - but have now returned to Great Marton.
There are signs of nesting activity: moss pulled away around patio flagstones; fading plants in pots and hanging baskets loosing useful twigs, determined rooting from the lady blackbird.
The robin is back, always a favourite; the flirty blue tits, still buzzing around the buddleia, and some increasingly rare sparrows. The occasional wren or thrush can also be spotted from dining room or kitchen.
They're a joy, certainly, as great Victorian novelist and poet Thomas Hardy found (see our Poem page).
Birds, this time skylarks, also feature on our Story/Chapter page, with an extract taken from novel At Heaven's Gate, set mainly here on the Fylde coast and nearby Lake District (see back cover picture, right).
To find out more about this book or others, turn to our Books page, where they can also be ordered.
Our Memoir tales (see Pages for You, in right column) still hark back to summer days, far away but always close to mind.
Personally, I find all seasons enjoyable. With autumn and British Winter Time, we have chance to do more indoors, gather our thoughts and draw breath reflectively. 
When all that seems too dull, a bracing walk can lift the spirit again - especially upon return to a snug home or resting place.
This is a great time also to read more, extending our horizons for the coming new year.
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May your own story be a happy one.

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